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Stalking Before Portraits

My portrait subject was lost and this bird,Pierre, flew into my location. Technically its HIS home. I've seen him before and I know his favorite spots, but I've never photographed him. I prefer prime lenses and I had not been able to get very close. As soon as he landed I kicked off my flip flops and creeped up on him the way my big brother taught me. " Don't let him think that you're a predator"

At first he was annoyed by me and flew to the other side of the garden so I followed him.

He watched me watching him and accepted my presence. I was never more than 10 feet away from him.

This went on for at least an hour. By the way none of these photos are edited in any shape or form. No lightroom or photoshop. You're seeing them exactly how I took them. I think Pierre is a Blue Heron.

I almost fell, so I screamed and he walked away.

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